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  • How to Fix Google Chrome Security Issues?

    Do you see a "Security Alert" when opening our site?
    How to fix it?


    A warning from Google regarding our site is only a false positive alert. Just show up in Google Chrome browser if you have logged in to the browser.

    If you still want to browser the content and ignore the alert, just click the "DETAILS", and click again the "VISIT THIS UNSAFE SITE"



    To eliminate the "Security Alert" PERMANENTLY, you can follow one of these methods:


    1. Go to "Settings"

    2. Then go to the "Show advanced settings ..."

    3. Inside the section, uncheck the option "Protect you and your devices from dangerous site"



    You should NOT log-in to your account when you are using Google Chrome browser, then the warning will not appear.



    Use another browser which is compatible with HTML 5, such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chromium, Maxthon, Safari and others.


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