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Comedy is a genre of film in which the main emphasis is on humour. These films are designed to entertain the audience through amusement, and most often work by exaggerating characteristics of real life for humorous effect. Films in this style traditionally have a happy ending (the black comedy being an exception).

  • 1:21:58 Bananas (1971)

    Bananas (1971)

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    Fielding Mellish (a consumer products tester) becomes infatuated with Nancy (a political activist). He attends demonstrations and tries in other ways to convince her that he is worthy of her love, but Nancy wants someone with greater leadership potential.

  • 1:31:51 Bad Moms (2016)

    Bad Moms (2016)

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    When three overworked and under-appreciated moms are pushed beyond their limits, they ditch their conventional responsibilities for a jolt of long overdue freedom, fun, and comedic self-indulgence.

  • 2:20:41 Baar Baar Dekho (2016)

    Baar Baar Dekho (2016)

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    'Baar Baar Dekho' is a love-story, which unfolds through flash-backs and flash-forwards. Recently actor Sidharth Malhotra has revealed that, the movie has a unique and has a very unusual storyline. The film is neither science fiction nor does it revolve a

  • 21:49 Atlanta (2016), S01E05: Nobody Beats the Biebs

    Atlanta (2016), S01E05: Nobody Beats the Biebs

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    Paper Boi attends a celebrity event for the youth and is outwitted by a more famous hip hop artist. Earn faces a case of mistaken identity. Darius runs into trouble at the shooting range.

  • 1:10:27 Le complot d'Aristote / Aristotle's Plot (1996)

    Le complot d'Aristote / Aristotle's Plot (1996)

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    The Cameroonian film, a meta-discourse on cinema, tackles the state and direction of cinema in the continent, the dominance of non-African works on African screens, and the clear absence of African films on the silver screens.

  • 1:56:58 映画暗殺教室: 卒業編 / Assassination Classroom: Graduation (2016)

    映画暗殺教室: 卒業編 / Assassination Classroom: Graduation (2016)

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    The story of the assassination classroom and their teacher target continues with the students' own conflicts, Korosensei's identity, and the fate of the world as the deadline for assassination approaches.

  • 2:30:00 Ambarsariya (2016)

    Ambarsariya (2016)

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    A secret agent who is posing as an insurance salesman tries to find an assassin, while also trying to juggle three women.

  • 1:28:37 Wishing Out Loud / All She Wishes (2015)

    Wishing Out Loud / All She Wishes (2015)

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    When sardonic high school senior Sophie O'Dea inherits her neurotic grandmother's car, an old automobile named Star, she is told the car has magical powers. But when Sophie casually makes a wish upon Star for a date to the Valentine's dance, her wish come

  • 1:28:58 Tout L'or Du Monde / All the Gold in the World (1961)

    Tout L'or Du Monde / All the Gold in the World (1961)

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    Businessman Victor Hardy (Noiret) wants to buy the entire area around the small village of Cabosse. He claims that he wants to return to nature, but he also intends to profit by selling the water from the village fountain, which is reputed to enhance long

  • 1:31:41 All of Me (1984)

    All of Me (1984)

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    Roger is called in to change the will of an aging millionairess. She has made arrangements for her soul to be 'captured' and transferred into the body of a younger girl. After an argument about the will, the millionairess dies, but her spirit somehow land

  • 04:15 Sage-Femme De Première Classe (1902)

    Sage-Femme De Première Classe (1902)

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  • 1:43:55 Aktorzy Prowincjonalni / Provincial Actors (1979)

    Aktorzy Prowincjonalni / Provincial Actors (1979)

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    The film is set in a small town near Warsaw, to which a young and coming director comes to produce a classic play (Wyspianski "Wyzwolenie") with a modern vein. Everyone in the production gets his usual stereotypical role, but the aging idol of the ensembl