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Crime films are films that focus on the lives of criminals. The stylistic approach to a crime film varies from realistic portrayals of real-life criminal figures, to the far-fetched evil doings of imaginary arch-villains.

  • 2:18:38 Popular Victoria (2015)

    Victoria (2015)

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    A young Spanish woman who has recently moved to Berlin finds her flirtation with a local guy turn potentially deadly as their night out with his friends reveals a dangerous secret.

  • 42:59 Popular Lucifer (2017), S03E09: The Sinnerman

    Lucifer (2017), S03E09: The Sinnerman

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    Lucifer and Chloe come face-to-face with the Sinnerman.

  • 1:22:27 Popular Wheelman (2017)

    Wheelman (2017)

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    After three years in prison, the driver known as Wheelman has to work for mobsters to pay for a debt. When he is assigned to drive a getaway car for a bank heist, he is not able to contact his liaison and a stranger call him giving orders to deliver the s

  • 1:46:57 Popular Wind River (2017)

    Wind River (2017)

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    WIND RIVER is a chilling thriller that follows a rookie FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen) who teams up with a local game tracker with deep community ties and a haunted past (Jeremy Renner) to investigate the murder of a local girl on a remote Native American Re

  • 43:09 Popular Lucifer (2017), S03E08: Chloe Does Lucifer

    Lucifer (2017), S03E08: Chloe Does Lucifer

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    When a murder is connected to a celebrity dating app, Lucifer and Chloe question all they know about the world of social media in order to solve the case. Meanwhile, Amenadiel helps Linda deal with the death of her ex-husband.

  • 42:07 Popular Supergirl (2017), S03E06: Midvale

    Supergirl (2017), S03E06: Midvale

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    Kara and Alex head home to Midvale for a little R&R. While there, Kara recalls a painful memory of a childhood friend's death and how that traumatic experience brought the Danvers sisters closer together.

  • 43:07 Popular Lucifer (2017), S03E07: Off The Record

    Lucifer (2017), S03E07: Off The Record

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    A reporter seeks revenge after he discovers that Lucifer has been sleeping with his estranged wife. However, when it's revealed that Linda is the reporter's estranged wife, things get messy. Lucifer's reputation and safety are on the line, especially when

  • 41:52 Popular Arrow (2017), S06E05: Deathstroke Returns

    Arrow (2017), S06E05: Deathstroke Returns

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    Slade returns and asks Oliver for help tracking down his son; the rescue mission gets complicated by a terrible revelation that could shatter Slade's hopes of reunion; Vigilante reappears in Star City.

  • 41:58 Popular Arrow (2017), S06E03: Next of Kin

    Arrow (2017), S06E03: Next of Kin

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    A rogue black ops team led by Onyx breaks into Kord Industries and steals something lethal. Oliver struggles to connect with William so he reaches out to a surprising source for help.

  • 44:12 Popular Lucifer (2017), S03E06: Vegas With Some Radish

    Lucifer (2017), S03E06: Vegas With Some Radish

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    When Lucifer discovers Candy has gone missing, he hightails it to Las Vegas with Ella in tow. They work to find her, but interesting secrets could compromise the investigation. Meanwhile, Chloe is upset that Lucifer left on her birthday.

  • 42:25 Popular Arrow (2017), S06E04: Reversal

    Arrow (2017), S06E04: Reversal

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    Black Siren launches another attack on Star City just when Oliver has gotten things in order.

  • 42:00 Popular Arrow (2017), S06E02: Tribute

    Arrow (2017), S06E02: Tribute

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    Anatoly returns to Star City with a sinister agenda as Oliver tries to balance being the mayor, the Green Arrow and William's father.