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Crime films are films that focus on the lives of criminals. The stylistic approach to a crime film varies from realistic portrayals of real-life criminal figures, to the far-fetched evil doings of imaginary arch-villains.

  • 42:25 Popular Arrow (2015), S04E03: Restoration

    Arrow (2015), S04E03: Restoration

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    The growing tension between Oliver and Diggle puts both their lives at risk when they go after Damien Darhk and a H.I.V.E. deployed meta-human. Meanwhile, Laurel talks Thea into returning to Nanda Parbat to ask her father to put Sara into the Lazarus Pit.

  • 42:27 Popular Arrow (2015), S04E02: The Candidate

    Arrow (2015), S04E02: The Candidate

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    Oliver and Thea are concerned when a family friend plans to run for mayor; Thea starts to exhibit side effects from the Lazarus Pit; Felicity asks an employee for help with a business decision.

  • 42:27 Popular Arrow (2015), S04E01: Green Arrow

    Arrow (2015), S04E01: Green Arrow

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    A new enemy lures Oliver Queen back to Starling City and forces him to put on the hood once more.

  • 21:35 Popular Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2015), S03E05: Halloween, Part III

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2015), S03E05: Halloween, Part III

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    The third installment of Captain Holt and Jake's Halloween heist culminates with a tie-breaking competition to claim the title of "amazing detective slash genius." This year, Jake and Holt split the squad into two teams to help them win.

  • 43:48 Popular Gotham (2015), S02E06: By Fire

    Gotham (2015), S02E06: By Fire

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    After Bridgit Pike is kidnapped her brothers, a new spark of courage ignites within her, as she chooses to take control of her future. Meanwhile, Kringle and Nygma's relationship will take a new step and Penguin and Galavan continue to battle for control

  • 1:37:08 Popular Laugh Killer Laugh (2015)

    Laugh Killer Laugh (2015)

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    A Jewel thief named Frank Stone is a very deeply disturbed, anti social, milquetoast who finds no joy or humor in anything - until he awakens from a deep coma.

  • 1:26:31 Popular Beautiful & Twisted (2015)

    Beautiful & Twisted (2015)

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    Following the murder of hotel heir Ben Novack Jr., police focus their investigation on his wife, Narcy.

  • 42:57 Popular Quantico (2015), S01E05: Found

    Quantico (2015), S01E05: Found

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    Alex and Ryan get close when the trainees leave campus for their first undercover assignment; Alex tells her side of the story in a public interview.

  • 1:34:19 Popular Badge of Honor (2015)

    Badge of Honor (2015)

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    Two Narcotics Detectives find themselves in an intense investigation lead by a determined Internal Affairs Detective after a child is wrongfully shot dead in a violent drug bust.

  • 42:58 Popular How to Get Away with Murder (2015), S02E05: Meet Bonnie

    How to Get Away with Murder (2015), S02E05: Meet Bonnie

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    Asher discovers not everything is what it seems when you work for Annalise. Meanwhile, Frank is presented with a situation that hits close to home, and Wes' search to find out more about Rebecca's disappearance culminates into an explosive confrontation.

  • 42:05 Popular How to Get Away with Murder (2015), S02E04: Skanks Get Shanked

    How to Get Away with Murder (2015), S02E04: Skanks Get Shanked

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    When a teenager is found murdered in the woods, Annalise and her team is hired to represent an unlikely suspect named in the case. Meanwhile, Asher comes across a shocking confession, and Wes learns new information about Rebecca's disappearance.

  • 42:57 Popular How to Get Away with Murder (2015), S02E03: It's Called the Octopus

    How to Get Away with Murder (2015), S02E03: It's Called the Octopus

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    When Annalise takes on a new client, the team must investigate a very high end sex club to get answers. Meanwhile, Annalise is still representing the siblings accused of killing their parents, but the case takes a turn for the worse when a new motive surf