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A drama film is a film genre that depends mostly on in-depth development of realistic characters dealing with emotional themes. Dramatic themes such as alcoholism, child abuse, drug addiction, infidelity, moral dilemmas, racial prejudice, religious intolerance, sexuality, poverty, class divisions, violence against women and corruption put the characters in conflict with themselves, others, society and even natural phenomena.

  • 44:37 Popular Lucifer (2016), S02E10: Quid Pro Ho

    Lucifer (2016), S02E10: Quid Pro Ho

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    Charlotte is determined to get Lucifer to leave Earth by turning Chloe against him. Meanwhile, Amenadiel has begun working as Charlotte's soldier, which makes Maze question his loyalty.

  • 43:59 Popular Lucifer (2016), S02E09: Homewrecker

    Lucifer (2016), S02E09: Homewrecker

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    Lucifer goes to great lengths to protect his home when the owner is murdered and the new owner wants it demolished.

  • 43:29 Popular Lucifer (2016), S02E08: Trip to Stabby Town

    Lucifer (2016), S02E08: Trip to Stabby Town

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    Lucifer seeks Azrael's blade when he discovers it's been used in a string of violent stabbings linked to a local yoga studio.

  • 43:50 Popular Lucifer (2016), S02E07: My Little Monkey

    Lucifer (2016), S02E07: My Little Monkey

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    After the man convicted of killing Chloe's father is murdered, new clues suggests he was framed; Maze looks for a job; Lucifer tries to learn how to be normal by watching Dan.

  • 43:25 Popular Lucifer (2016), S02E06: Monster

    Lucifer (2016), S02E06: Monster

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    Lucifer clashes with Chloe during an investigation, leading her to partner with Dan.

  • 43:10 Popular Lucifer (2018), S03E21: Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better

    Lucifer (2018), S03E21: Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better

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    When a ballerina is brutally murdered, Lucifer helps Chloe solve the case; Amenadiel begs Charlotte to help him with an important plan; Maze remains devoted to a task from which Pierce asked her to back away.

  • 1:18:10 Popular 影子神鞭 / The Shadow Whip (1971)

    影子神鞭 / The Shadow Whip (1971)

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    This top ten hit reunites Come Drink With Me's stars for a new adventure. Whether single-handedly fighting sixteen bandits, avenging her father's death, or solving multiple murders, our heroine shows why she's Hong Kong's number one sword - and whip - wom

  • 1:50:51 Popular 用心棒 / Yojimbo (1961)

    用心棒 / Yojimbo (1961)

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    Sanjuro, a wandering samurai enters a rural town in nineteenth century Japan. After learning from the innkeeper that the town is divided between two gangsters, he plays one side off against the other. His efforts are complicated by the arrival of the wily

  • 1:49:34 Popular 那些年,我們一起追的女孩 / You Are the Apple of My Eye (2011)

    那些年,我們一起追的女孩 / You Are the Apple of My Eye (2011)

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    A group of close friends who attend a private school all have a debilitating crush on the sunny star pupil, Shen Jiayi. The only member of the group who claims not to is Ke Jingteng, but he ends up loving her as well.

  • 43:16 Popular Lucifer (2018), S03E20: The Angel of San Bernardino

    Lucifer (2018), S03E20: The Angel of San Bernardino

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    Lucifer and Chloe investigate a murder where a witness claims a winged guardian angel saved her life; Pierce and Chloe's relationship takes an interesting turn; Lucifer discovers something that could change everything.

  • 1:29:23 Popular You Were Never Really Here (2017)

    You Were Never Really Here (2017)

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    Balancing between feverish dreamlike hallucinations of a tormented past and a grim disoriented reality, the grizzled Joe--a traumatised Gulf War veteran and now an unflinching hired gun who lives with his frail elderly mother--has just finished successful

  • 1:43:20 Popular 遊俠兒 / The Wandering Swordsman (1970)

    遊俠兒 / The Wandering Swordsman (1970)

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    The charismatic David Chiang joins the "queen of Shaw Brothers kung-fu," Lily Li, is an entertaining "Martial Arts World" epic about a hero who robs from the robbers and gives to the poor - making the vengeful robbers very cross indeed!