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A drama film is a film genre that depends mostly on in-depth development of realistic characters dealing with emotional themes. Dramatic themes such as alcoholism, child abuse, drug addiction, infidelity, moral dilemmas, racial prejudice, religious intolerance, sexuality, poverty, class divisions, violence against women and corruption put the characters in conflict with themselves, others, society and even natural phenomena.

  • 49:04 New Ófærð / Trapped (2016), S01E09

    Ófærð / Trapped (2016), S01E09

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    Having found the key to the padlock of Hrafn's shed, Andri has a definitive clue to the identity of the murderer, but it's not who he was expecting. The identity of the killer will send shock waves through the town and Andri faces some very difficult deci

  • 52:27 New Ófærð / Trapped (2016), S01E08

    Ófærð / Trapped (2016), S01E08

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    Captain Carlsen agrees to work with the police. On the ferry, it transpires that one crew member has something to hide.

  • 49:22 New Ófærð / Trapped (2016), S01E07

    Ófærð / Trapped (2016), S01E07

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    The weather is finally improving and the investigation team from Reykjavik arrives. It seems as though real progress is going to be made. But are some things just too good to be true?

  • 49:24 New Ófærð / Trapped (2016), S01E06

    Ófærð / Trapped (2016), S01E06

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    Amid general disquiet, the town's inhabitants gather in the church, where they demand answers. Police chief Andri Olafsson is tasked with speaking to them and he must tell the truth.

  • 50:32 New Ófærð / Trapped (2016), S01E05

    Ófærð / Trapped (2016), S01E05

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    The avalanche has caused a total blackout. Plunged into darkness, the town's inhabitants are anxious and afraid. Meanwhile, the mayor has a surprise visitor.

  • 49:11 New Ófærð / Trapped (2016), S01E04

    Ófærð / Trapped (2016), S01E04

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    With the murderer still at large, unrest is beginning to grow among the still-trapped townspeople and tourists. The police's list of potential suspects is becoming larger, but with discontent growing and the looming threat of an avalanche above the town,

  • 50:18 New Ófærð / Trapped (2016), S01E03

    Ófærð / Trapped (2016), S01E03

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    The town is still cut off from all help by snowstorms and pack ice, and the local police have somehow managed to lose both the victim's body and the only suspect. Unable to prove his suspicions about the captain of the ferry, Andri finally gets a new lead

  • 49:24 New Ófærð / Trapped (2016), S01E02

    Ófærð / Trapped (2016), S01E02

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    With no police support able to arrive from Reykjavik until the snowstorm clears, Andri and his colleagues need to work fast. It seems a hopeless situation, but with a suspect in custody awaiting questioning and a body awaiting forensic tests, Andri is des

  • 51:12 New Ófærð / Trapped (2015), S01E01

    Ófærð / Trapped (2015), S01E01

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    A ferry comes to port. At the same time, a mutilated human corpse is found in the ocean. Passengers on board the ferry are prevented from going ashore, because police inspector Andri suspects the murderer is on board. He starts investigations, but meets s

  • 1:30:05 New 트라이앵글 / Triangle (2009)

    트라이앵글 / Triangle (2009)

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    A tense standoff between a wealthy young widow with a collection of world-famous art, a swindler with an eye on her collection, and a strange woman who blackmails him into including her in the con.

  • 1:25:05 New Un 32 Août Sur Terre / August 32nd on Earth (1998)

    Un 32 Août Sur Terre / August 32nd on Earth (1998)

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    Young Simone gets hit by a near fatal car crash, and as she questions her mortality, she also decides to have a baby. Her candidate for a father is her best friend Phillipe who happens to be seeing someone. He agrees, as long as they conceive in Salt Lake

  • 2:05:13 New わが愛の譜:滝廉太郎物語 / Bloom in the Moonlight: The Story of Rentaro Taki (1993)

    わが愛の譜:滝廉太郎物語 / Bloom in the Moonlight: The Story of Rentaro Taki (1993)

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    A dying pianist composes one final song for his childhood friend.