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Often there may be considerable overlap particularly between erotica and other genres (including, drama, horror, thriller); the list should attempt to document films which are more closely related to erotica, even if it bends genres.

  • 1:32:56 Popular 新傾國傾城 / The Impotent King (2005)

    新傾國傾城 / The Impotent King (2005)

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    King Xian and his queen (who happens to also be his sister) have gone into hiding to escape rebels bent on pillaging the territory. This royal ensemble take refuge in a small town where they are given sanctuary by an old friend, Dr Wei. The king and queen

  • 1:11:42 Popular 奴隷市 / Slave City (2013)

    奴隷市 / Slave City (2013)

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  • 1:13:25 Popular 新任女教師 / The Desire Underneath (2009)

    新任女教師 / The Desire Underneath (2009)

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    Peeped, insulted, captivated, and more. She becomes more exposed to the desires of a senior teacher and a student. Posted in her old school as a trainee teacher, Izumi Togawa (Aino Kishi), meets Tetsuo, a teacher she's adored since high school. The two na

  • 51:41 Popular XSS0062_02: No Panty Schoolgirl (2013)

    XSS0062_02: No Panty Schoolgirl (2013)

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  • 1:00:14 Popular 여배우 섹스 스캔들2 / Actress Sex Scandal 2 (2016)

    여배우 섹스 스캔들2 / Actress Sex Scandal 2 (2016)

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    Jeong-hwa has sex with various sponsors to maintain her popularity in the show biz where sexual favors are a must to survive. However, her schedules get cancelled while she goes out giving more sexual favors. Then she meets Yuni who became a celebrity bec

  • 1:25:40 Popular 어린 아내 / Young Wife (2016)

    어린 아내 / Young Wife (2016)

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    A dangerous and thrilling encounter. Jong-hwan's friend's daughter Seong-hye moves into his house. She messes up the house and drinks with her friends and even has sex with men in the house. One day, Jong-hwan ends up comforting Seong-hye who broke up wit

  • 1:21:01 Popular 스와핑 친구의 아내 / Swapping: My Friend's Wife (2016)

    스와핑 친구의 아내 / Swapping: My Friend's Wife (2016)

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    Seong-sik became stays at home while his workaholic wife Hye-joo works. Next to them, Seong-ki's friend Joon-seok and his wife move in. Seong-sik learns how to do housework from his friend's wife Eun-yeong. At first they hit it off but that soon turns int

  • 1:30:17 Popular 섹스가 다이어트에 미치는 영향 / The Influence of Sex on Dieting (2016)

    섹스가 다이어트에 미치는 영향 / The Influence of Sex on Dieting (2016)

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    You'll lose weight no matter how much you eat! An experiment on the affect sex has on diet. Yeong-gyu and Tae-joon are making a documentary. The first week, they have sex once with one woman. The second week, they have sex twice with two women. The third

  • 1:28:59 Popular 禁室培慾之愛的俘虜 / Love Education (2006)

    禁室培慾之愛的俘虜 / Love Education (2006)

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  • 1:00:48 Popular 一本道 1pondo: Aika, Model Collection - Sep 28 (2016)

    一本道 1pondo: Aika, Model Collection - Sep 28 (2016)

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  • 59:53 Popular 一本道 1pondo: Rina Misuzu, Model Collection - Sep 03 (2016)

    一本道 1pondo: Rina Misuzu, Model Collection - Sep 03 (2016)

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    むっちむちボディにFカップスライム乳の持ち主、美涼りなちゃんが「モデルコレクション」で無修正デビュー!!愛嬌があってかわいい「りなちゃん」のボリューム感たっぷりのスライム乳をわし掴みにし、コリコリな乳首を弄ぶと艶っぽく感じるエッチな美女にゾッコン! そんなりなちゃんのガチな本気セックスを無修正でお届けします! あどけない瞳と存在の耐えられないデカぱいと卑猥なまんこに夢中になることは間違いありません。