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Often there may be considerable overlap particularly between erotica and other genres (including, drama, horror, thriller); the list should attempt to document films which are more closely related to erotica, even if it bends genres.

  • 1:33:08 Popular 비키의 챌린지 게임 / Challenge Game (2015)

    비키의 챌린지 게임 / Challenge Game (2015)

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    "Do you want to do it...?" The fatal seduction of...the "Challenge Game" Florist Ae-ran (Vicky) and forensics investigator Min-ho (Choi Ryeong) from the Public Prosecutor's Office both have a family that everyone wants. However, Min-ho can't handle bed ti

  • 1:23:14 Popular 젊은엄마 4 /  Young Mother 4 (2016)

    젊은엄마 4 / Young Mother 4 (2016)

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    Woo-jin, who is a repeater of college entrance exam, and Taek-sik's friend, Kang-hee come and visit Woo-jin's hometown on a small island. Woo-jin's mom, Hyeon-sook used to work as an erotic movie actress for a short time when she was too young to make a r

  • 1:17:39 Popular 잠못이루는섹스2 / Sleepless Sex 2 (2016)

    잠못이루는섹스2 / Sleepless Sex 2 (2016)

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    Jeong Mi-rae has had an outstanding ability in writing since she was young. She’s realistic and she gets a lot of job offers. However, this is only when she was young and now that she’s been at it for 10 years, she doesn’t get as much wo

  • 1:20:25 Popular 옆집 누나 / The Sister Next Door (2016)

    옆집 누나 / The Sister Next Door (2016)

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    Sacred to work part-time with her boyfriend, the movie is a deviant sexual desires and learning to live in the neighborhood.

  • 1:19:38 Popular 엔조이닷컴 / Enjoy the Community (2016)

    엔조이닷컴 / Enjoy the Community (2016)

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    This cafe has a single bed Having a reputable identity as a woman can never forget ‘foam vitamins’ and men ID ‘Enzo’ successful almost all members and wonnait. They’ve never met each other are encountered in one day open cafe

  • 1:31:45 Popular 엄마친구2 / Mother's Friend 2 (2016)

    엄마친구2 / Mother's Friend 2 (2016)

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    "Come on in~ this is your first time here, isn't it?" An art student named Gwang-ho gets dumped by his girlfriend because she was only his source of comfort, and that he's a Mama's boy and a premature ejaculator. He tries to avoid seeing her by going to a

  • 1:00:07 Popular 아이돌섹스스캔들 / Idol Sex Scandal (2015)

    아이돌섹스스캔들 / Idol Sex Scandal (2015)

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    A prerequisite for becoming an idol! It exposes the reality of the girls entangled in lust! Three idol trainees who pass the audition. The women live together and receive a dance and acting lessons, getting to sex education. And through affiliates and spo

  • 59:38 Popular 색다른 정사 / Unusual Affair (2016)

    색다른 정사 / Unusual Affair (2016)

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    Eun-joo is struggling from credit card debt. She gets pressured from calls every day. One day she finds a loan with cheap interest on the newspaper and borrows money from Joon-sang. A month later, she hasn't even been able to pay the interest and Joon-san

  • 1:05:11 Popular 보전자전 / Like Father, Like Son (2016)

    보전자전 / Like Father, Like Son (2016)

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    Kang-se is released from prison and comes back home in 6 years to find out his father who lived alone was killed by a woman named Ok-ryeon.

  • 1:29:10 Popular 러시아 엄마 / Russian Mom (2016)

    러시아 엄마 / Russian Mom (2016)

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    Mom, now we have a secret of our own. Jang-ho who dreams of becoming a chef is pretty close to his dad Yeong-soo; enough to talk about his girlfriend and they live alone. One day, Yeong-soo tells Jang-ho that he's getting remarried to a Russian woman. Jan

  • 1:55:57 Popular 라면 먹고 갈래 무삭 / If You Want To Go Eat (2016)

    라면 먹고 갈래 무삭 / If You Want To Go Eat (2016)

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  • 1:34:05 Popular 개인교수: 심화학습 / Private Tutor: Advanced Course (2016)

    개인교수: 심화학습 / Private Tutor: Advanced Course (2016)

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    The woman next door; she became my exclusive special tutor. “I’ll teach you the real skills to excite women!” Seong-jin, the so-called expert of theory, who learned about women through text only, feels the thrilling excitement whenever h