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A historical period drama is a work of art set in, or reminiscent of, an earlier time period. The term is usually used in the context of film and television. It is an informal crossover term that can apply to several genres but is most often heard in the context of historical fiction and romances, adventure films, and swashbucklers. The implication is that the audience is attracted as much by the lavish costumes as by the content. In the performing arts, a period piece is a work set in a particular era. This informal term covers all countries, all periods and all genres.

  • 45:18 The Greatest Pharaohs (1997), S01E04

    The Greatest Pharaohs (1997), S01E04

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    Considered by historians to be the greatest era of the New Kingdom began in 1279 BCE, when Ramses II assumed the throne. Ramses II is remembered by history as Ramses the Great. The Great Pharaohs of Egypt series concludes with an in-depth look at his 67-y

  • 45:12 The Greatest Pharaohs (1997), S01E03

    The Greatest Pharaohs (1997), S01E03

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    By 1353 BCE, Egypt was again stable, with much of the prosperity of the Old Kingdom. However, the ascension of Akhenaten brought a new crisis. Akhenaten was branded a heretic by history because of his attempts to transform Egypt's religion, but he was als

  • 40:04 The Greatest Pharaohs (1997), S01E02

    The Greatest Pharaohs (1997), S01E02

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    By 2180 BCE, almost 1,000 years after the first pharaoh, the Egyptians had made advances in science, art, and technology and had built what was arguably the most advanced culture at that time in civilized history. However, the Old Kingdom started to decay

  • 45:19 The Greatest Pharaohs (1997), S01E01

    The Greatest Pharaohs (1997), S01E01

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    Follows the birth of Egyptian civilization and the origins of the pharaohs and their legacy of the pyramids. It begins with the story of how the first pharaoh, the warrior Narmer, united Upper and Lower Egypt and began the first dynasty. Covers Narmer, Ho

  • 46:08 Popular Ancient Mysteries (1996), S03E41: The Secret Life of King Ramses II

    Ancient Mysteries (1996), S03E41: The Secret Life of King Ramses II

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  • 1:50:00 9/11 Exposed 2nd Edition (2015)

    9/11 Exposed 2nd Edition (2015)

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    9/11 Exposed serves as a controversial inquiry into the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, calling into question the physics behind the collapse of three World Trade Center buildings. Essentially a mix-tape of archival newsreel, witnes

  • 1:33:45 Popular 乾いて候 / Samurai's Sorrow (1993)

    乾いて候 / Samurai's Sorrow (1993)

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    One day poison is discovered in the shogun's food. The brilliant swordsman Mondo sets out to save Japan's leader from certain death.

  • 1:25:17 Popular 猫侍:南の島へ行く / Samurai Cat 2: A Tropical Adventure (2015)

    猫侍:南の島へ行く / Samurai Cat 2: A Tropical Adventure (2015)

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    The Edo period. Once a famous swordsman, Kyutaro Madarame, aka “Madara the Devil,” is now a masterless samurai. When a white cat called Tamanojo appears before Kyutaro, the encounter changes him forever. Starring Kazuki Kitamura. This offbeat

  • 1:28:51 Popular 御用牙:かみそり半蔵地獄責め / Hanzo the Razor: The Snare (1973)

    御用牙:かみそり半蔵地獄責め / Hanzo the Razor: The Snare (1973)

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    Against the backdrop of the Edo treasury devaluing currency and driving many into poverty, Hanzo Itami enforces the law without regard to status. He shows inadequate respect to the treasurer, who wants him dead.

  • 2:03:00 Popular The Last King of Scotland (2006)

    The Last King of Scotland (2006)

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    In the early 1970s, Nicholas Garrigan, a young semi-idealistic Scottish doctor, comes to Uganda to assist in a rural hospital. Once there, he soon meets up with the new President, Idi Amin, who promises a golden age for the African nation. Garrigan hits i

  • 2:03:06 Zeitgeist: Addendum (2008)

    Zeitgeist: Addendum (2008)

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    Zeitgeist Addendum, attempts to locate the root causes of this pervasive social corruption, while offering a solution. This solution is not based on politics, morality, laws, or any other "establishment" notions of human affairs, but rather on a modern, n

  • 1:57:40 Zeitgeist (2007)

    Zeitgeist (2007)

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    This film gathers information from many sources and puts it together in a way that shows it is possible for people to be manipulated by large institutions, governments and economic powers. It is divided into 3 parts. 1. Religion: Pagan astrological belief