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Horror is a film genre seeking to elicit a negative emotional reaction from viewers by playing on the audience's primal fears. Inspired by literature from authors like Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, and Mary Shelley, horror films have, for more than a century, featured scenes that startle the viewer. The macabre and the supernatural are frequent themes, and may overlap with the fantasy, supernatural fiction and thriller genres.

  • 1:33:10 Tragic Theater (2015)

    Tragic Theater (2015)

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    A team of exorcists are sent into an old theater that is rumored to have been the site of a great tragedy during its construction.

  • 1:31:52 Morgan (2016)

    Morgan (2016)

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    A corporate risk-management consultant must decide whether or not to terminate an artificially created humanoid being.

  • 1:38:52 Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)

    Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)

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    In 1967 Los Angeles, a widowed mother and her 2 daughters add a new stunt to bolster their seance scam business, inviting an evil presence into their home.

  • 1:29:18 奪魄勾魂 / Possessed (2002)

    奪魄勾魂 / Possessed (2002)

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    A widowed minister investigates a potential case of demonic possession involving a college student in this ghostly feature. The incident attracts the attention of Toby and Jim, radio talk show hosts who specialize in the paranormal.

  • 1:47:32 பிசாசு / Pisasu (2014)

    பிசாசு / Pisasu (2014)

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    A violinist witnesses a hit-and-run accident and tries to help the victim (a girl) from fatality in vain as the dead girl breathes her last holding his hand. He is unable to erase the memory and soon understands that the ghost of the dead girl has decided

  • 1:33:20 鬼幹部 / Red and Black (1991)

    鬼幹部 / Red and Black (1991)

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    In 1941, during the Japanese occupation of mainland China, a man is infected by a jap vampire soldier. He manages to climb in to an underground cavern where he impales himself with a wooden stake. 25 years later, after the Mao communist Revolution, he's i

  • 1:35:51 貞子3D 2 / Sadako 3D 2 (2013)

    貞子3D 2 / Sadako 3D 2 (2013)

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    Five years have passed since the events of Sadako 3D. Akane is pregnant with a child with her boyfriend Takenori. However, Akane dies after giving birth to her daughter. When Takenori's sister Fuko takes up the task of caring for Akane's daughter, the inf

  • 1:36:10 貞子3D / Sadako 3D (2012)

    貞子3D / Sadako 3D (2012)

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    Akane is a high school teacher who hears a rumor from her students that there is actual footage on the Internet of someone's suicide. The footage is said to drive anyone who sees it to also commit suicide. Akane does not believe the rumor at first, but wh

  • 1:30:19 Shadow: Dead Riot (2006)

    Shadow: Dead Riot (2006)

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    Evil voodoo-practicing serial killer Shadow gets executed for murdering pregnant women. Twenty years later the prison Shadow was put to death at has been turned into an experimental women's penitentiary. Tough and fiercely autonomous new inmate Solitaire

  • 2:08:04 Shake, Rattle & Roll XV (2014)

    Shake, Rattle & Roll XV (2014)

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    A snake creature secretly lurks inside a shopping mall. A family is fed a meal that turns them into monsters. An airplane hijacking is interrupted by the birth of a tiyanak.

  • 1:30:12 Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 (1987)

    Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 (1987)

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    The door of the mental hospital opens, releasing Ricky from its confines. He takes with him the terrifying memory of his brother Billy's death and the burning image of Mother Superior-the powerful figure that brought about his brother's violent demise. Fo

  • 32:53 Ash vs Evil Dead (2016), S02E10: Second Coming

    Ash vs Evil Dead (2016), S02E10: Second Coming

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    Ash, Ruby, and Kelly battle the past to secure a future where Pablo is alive and the world is safe from evil, but the family from hell has other plans.