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Mystery film is a subgenre of the more general category of crime film and at times the thriller genre. It focuses on the efforts of the detective, private investigator or amateur sleuth to solve the mysterious circumstances of a crime by means of clues, investigation, and clever deduction.

The plot often centers on the deductive ability, prowess, confidence, or diligence of the detective as they attempt to unravel the crime or situation by piecing together clues and circumstances, seeking evidence, interrogating witnesses, and tracking down a criminal.

Suspense is often maintained as an important plot element. This can be done through the use of the soundtrack, camera angles, heavy shadows, and surprising plot twists. Alfred Hitchcock used all of these techniques, but would sometimes allow the audience in on a pending threat then draw out the moment for dramatic effect.

  • 1:11:42 陰陽師安倍晴明 / Onmyōji Abenoseimei (2001)

    陰陽師安倍晴明 / Onmyōji Abenoseimei (2001)

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    After the millennium time, the truth of revealed now. You can understand all of the mysterious! She goes on a journey across the thousand year’s space-time to learn the truth of the greatest mystery of Japanese history [the legendary cloud]. "Sakuya

  • 1:32:38 Popular The Great Wall (2016)

    The Great Wall (2016)

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    A mystery centered around the construction of the Great Wall of China.

  • 42:44 Quantico (2016), S02E08: ODENVY

    Quantico (2016), S02E08: ODENVY

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    At the Farm, Lydia and Owen teach the group about the necessity of lying and cutting off relationships. In the future, Alex and company attempt to destroy the biological weapon.

  • 42:26 Quantico (2016), S02E07: LCFlutter

    Quantico (2016), S02E07: LCFlutter

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    At the Farm, Owen teaches the trainees about enhanced interrogation techniques, and turns the tables on his students by putting himself in the hot seat. Meanwhile, Shelby goes undercover, and in the future, a new president is sworn in.

  • 42:38 Quantico (2016), S02E06: Aquiline

    Quantico (2016), S02E06: Aquiline

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    At the Farm, the trainees learn their next task is to decide on a drone strike, which triggers Alex's memories of Simon's sacrifice. Meanwhile, Shelby and Leon's relationship reaches the next level, and Nimah advises Alex and Ryan not to trust Harry. In t

  • 42:27 Quantico (2016), S02E05: KMFORGET

    Quantico (2016), S02E05: KMFORGET

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    At the Farm, Harry is still suspicious of Alex and Ryan, and he's determined to learn more about their plan, while Leon is recruited for a special assignment by Owen.

  • 42:39 Quantico (2016), S02E04: Kubark

    Quantico (2016), S02E04: Kubark

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    The recruits go through a training drill to test their stress levels; Alex attempts to gain information and get close to Owen; in the future, the terrorists make a demand that could possibly end the stand-off.

  • 42:34 Quantico (2016), S02E03: Stescalade

    Quantico (2016), S02E03: Stescalade

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    The new CIA recruits continue training at The Farm focusing on assessment, while in the future, Alex goes undercover to infiltrate the terrorist group holding everyone hostage where she is shocked to discover not everyone is a stranger.

  • 42:42 Quantico (2016), S02E02: Lipstick

    Quantico (2016), S02E02: Lipstick

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    The new CIA recruits begin running counter-surveillance ops at The Farm while Alex and Ryan navigate their new relationship with each other. In the future, Ryan and Raina try to disrupt the terrorists' plan to blend in with hostages.

  • 42:37 Quantico (2016), S02E01: Kudove

    Quantico (2016), S02E01: Kudove

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    While training at the CIA, Alex finds herself in the center of a deadly conspiracy that threatens countless people around the world.

  • 1:49:37 Red Road (2006)

    Red Road (2006)

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    Jackie works as a CCTV operator. Each day she watches over a small part of the world, protecting the people living their lives under her gaze. One day a man appears on her monitor, a man she thought she would never see again, a man she never wanted to see

  • 1:35:55 Secret Window (2004)

    Secret Window (2004)

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    Mort Rainey is a successful writer going through a rather unfriendly divorce from his wife of ten years, Amy. Alone and bitter in his cabin, he continues to work on his writing when a stranger named John Shooter shows up on his doorstep, claiming Rainey s