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Mystery film is a subgenre of the more general category of crime film and at times the thriller genre. It focuses on the efforts of the detective, private investigator or amateur sleuth to solve the mysterious circumstances of a crime by means of clues, investigation, and clever deduction.

The plot often centers on the deductive ability, prowess, confidence, or diligence of the detective as they attempt to unravel the crime or situation by piecing together clues and circumstances, seeking evidence, interrogating witnesses, and tracking down a criminal.

Suspense is often maintained as an important plot element. This can be done through the use of the soundtrack, camera angles, heavy shadows, and surprising plot twists. Alfred Hitchcock used all of these techniques, but would sometimes allow the audience in on a pending threat then draw out the moment for dramatic effect.

  • 1:46:09 Popular La Fille Inconnue / The Unknown Girl (2016)

    La Fille Inconnue / The Unknown Girl (2016)

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    The efficient Dr. Jenny Davin works hard and has been chosen to replace Dr. Habran, who has just retired, at the Kennedy Hospital. One night, someone rings the bell of her office after-hours and Dr. Davin asks her trainee Julien to not open the door since

  • 51:42 Popular Barnaby Jones (1973), S01E01: Sunday: Doomsday

    Barnaby Jones (1973), S01E01: Sunday: Doomsday

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    A black funeral wreath on his office door predicts Barnaby's death on Sunday. Even after he figures out who the psycho ex-convict is with a vendetta against him, Barnaby is stymied until his daughter-in-law is held hostage. It's a race against time to sav

  • 1:08:40 Popular 女陰陽師 淫鬼降臨 / Woman Onmyoji (2001)

    女陰陽師 淫鬼降臨 / Woman Onmyoji (2001)

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    Orthodox Japanese style Pretty Miura SatoshiKei submissions debut of. Shihosato was born into a family of Onmyoji is, find the take possessed women in one day demon. But Shiho Sato to fight the demon making full use of their own way .... Confrontation sce

  • 1:47:33 Spectral (2016)

    Spectral (2016)

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    Civil Unrest in the European country of Moldova has US forces engaging the insurgents however there is a new threat who has decided both are their enemy. This new threat resides in an alternative spectrum that makes them invisible to the naked eye and ins

  • 1:28:13 兇手還未睡 / Nessun Dorma (2016)

    兇手還未睡 / Nessun Dorma (2016)

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    Primary school teacher Brian Fong (Andy Hui) becomes depressed after his wife's suicide. Unable to take care of his dog, he decides to leave it with Beloved Pets, where he befriends founder Jasmine Tsang (Janice Man). Pressed by her family, Jasmine agrees

  • 1:58:51 Popular 六四:後編 / 64: Part 2 (2016)

    六四:後編 / 64: Part 2 (2016)

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  • 2:01:02 Popular 六四:前編 / 64: Part 1 (2016)

    六四:前編 / 64: Part 1 (2016)

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    1989 is the 64 Shouwa year in the Japanese calendar, thus the unsolved girl kidnapping-murder case is called "64(rokuyon)" that got up in this year in Criminal Investigation Department in the Prefectural Police Department. And 14 years were over as the pr

  • 1:30:06 The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)

    The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)

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    What starts as a poignant medical documentary about Deborah Logan's descent into Alzheimer's disease and her daughter's struggles as caregiver degenerates into a maddening portrayal of dementia at its most frightening, as hair-raising events begin to plag

  • 1:34:33 Popular 旗本退屈男:謎の蛇姫屋敷 / Bored Hatamoto: Riddle of The Snake Princess' Mansion (1957)

    旗本退屈男:謎の蛇姫屋敷 / Bored Hatamoto: Riddle of The Snake Princess' Mansion (1957)

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    Film number 22 in one of the longest running feature series in Japan, has bored samurai Hatamoto embroiled in a plot against the shogun amidst intrigue regarding a prized banner. There is more to distract the master swordsman Hatamoto however. His concubi

  • 1:51:13 Blow-Up (1966)

    Blow-Up (1966)

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    A successful mod photographer in London whose world is bounded by fashion, pop music, marijuana, and easy sex, feels his life is boring and despairing. Then he meets a mysterious beauty, and also notices something frightfully suspicious on one of his phot