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Mystery film is a subgenre of the more general category of crime film and at times the thriller genre. It focuses on the efforts of the detective, private investigator or amateur sleuth to solve the mysterious circumstances of a crime by means of clues, investigation, and clever deduction.

The plot often centers on the deductive ability, prowess, confidence, or diligence of the detective as they attempt to unravel the crime or situation by piecing together clues and circumstances, seeking evidence, interrogating witnesses, and tracking down a criminal.

Suspense is often maintained as an important plot element. This can be done through the use of the soundtrack, camera angles, heavy shadows, and surprising plot twists. Alfred Hitchcock used all of these techniques, but would sometimes allow the audience in on a pending threat then draw out the moment for dramatic effect.

  • 42:24 Popular How to Get Away with Murder (2015), S02E08: Hi, I'm Philip

    How to Get Away with Murder (2015), S02E08: Hi, I'm Philip

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    Philip makes a threatening move and ADA Sinclair may have figured out away to take down Annalise. Meanwhile, Catherine and Caleb are forced to make a life changing decision.

  • 42:38 Popular How to Get Away with Murder (2015), S02E07: I Want You to Die

    How to Get Away with Murder (2015), S02E07: I Want You to Die

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    Annalise and the team defend a client accused of badgering a person to the point of suicide; Eve (Famke Janssen) defends Nate again when he faces possible new charges.

  • 42:19 Popular How to Get Away with Murder (2015), S02E06: Two Birds, One Millstone

    How to Get Away with Murder (2015), S02E06: Two Birds, One Millstone

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    Annalise takes on a new client, a transgender professor accused of killing her husband. Meanwhile, the Keating 5 are left to handle the Hapstall case and they discover a shocking new suspect.

  • 1:56:20 Popular 32-ആം അധ്യായം 23-ആം വാക്യം / 32AAM Adhyayam 23AAM Vaakyam (2015)

    32-ആം അധ്യായം 23-ആം വാക്യം / 32AAM Adhyayam 23AAM Vaakyam (2015)

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    Story is about a young couple who receives a mysterious book which lead them to find the truth about an unsolved murder case which had happened 5 years back.

  • 1:40:13 Popular It Follows (2014)

    It Follows (2014)

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    For nineteen-year-old Jay, Autumn should be about school, boys and week-ends out at the lake. But after a seemingly innocent sexual encounter, she finds herself plagued by strange visions and the inescapable sense that someone, something, is following her

  • 1:53:52 Popular 13 เกมสยอง / 13 Beloved / 13: Game of Death (2006)

    13 เกมสยอง / 13 Beloved / 13: Game of Death (2006)

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    Pusit is having the worst day of his life. He just lost his job and is in serious debt. That is all about to change when he receives a mysterious phone call with a tempting offer. If he could complete 13 tasks, he will win 100 million Baht. Pusit agrees a

  • 2:04:46 Popular শেষ আঁকা / Sesh Anka (2015)

    শেষ আঁকা / Sesh Anka (2015)

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    This is the story of the embittered and stoned Raina caught in a mysterious murder case and the efforts of the illustrious retired criminal lawyer Pranoy Dasgupta to save her. The story also involves the maneuvers of a hardened cop who hates criminals and

  • 2:07:16 Popular அந்தாதி / Andhadhi (2015)

    அந்தாதி / Andhadhi (2015)

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    Guna is very passionate about becoming a IPS officer. There is a test that everyone has to go through to join the IPS rank of officers. Guna doesn't seem to go through these tests and fails the first two times. With the motivation from his wife, Anjana, h

  • 42:11 Popular Blindspot (2015), S01E08: Persecute Envoys

    Blindspot (2015), S01E08: Persecute Envoys

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    After a police officer is murdered, Patterson unlocks a disturbing tattoo that appears to have predicted his killing, and the team chases a violent clue trail to stop further attacks. Mayfair reveals secrets from her past to Weller, seriously testing thei

  • 2:16:23 Popular The Enfield Haunting (2015)

    The Enfield Haunting (2015)

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    In August 1977, a series of bizarre and terrifying events begin to take place in a seemingly ordinary house in Enfield, North London.

  • 1:56:55 Popular Self/less (2015)

    Self/less (2015)

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    An extremely wealthy man, dying from cancer, undergoes a radical medical procedure that transfers his consciousness into the body of a healthy young man. But all is not as it seems when he starts to uncover the mystery of the body's origin and the organiz

  • 1:44:29 Popular The Faculty (1998)

    The Faculty (1998)

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    On the Harrington High School in Ohio, the newcomer Marybeth Louise Hutchinson tries to befriend the outcast Stokely 'Stokes' Mitchell. The quarterback Stan Rosado quits the football team and breaks off with his girlfriend Delilah Profitt, who is the edit