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Romance films are romantic love stories recorded in visual media for broadcast in theaters and on television that focus on passion, emotion, and the affectionate romantic involvement of the main characters and the journey that their genuinely strong, true and pure romantic love takes them through dating, courtship or marriage. Romance films make the romantic love story or the search for strong and pure love and romance the main plot focus.

  • 1:31:35 মনচোরা / Monchora (2016)

    মনচোরা / Monchora (2016)

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    It's a romantic drama with colourful characters and hint of mystery typical of Saradindu Bandyopadhyay. The film revolves around the story of a thief played by Abir Chatterjee.

  • 2:01:47 மாலை நேரத்து மயக்கம் / Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam (2016)

    மாலை நேரத்து மயக்கம் / Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam (2016)

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    Manoja, a girl accustomed with the western style of life and a typically introvert Prabhu, who has never been with a girl in his life. These two getting married - sounds impossible right? But that's what arranged marriages can do! With Manoja and Prabu ha

  • 2:14:06 నేను శైలజ / Nenu Sailaja (2016)

    నేను శైలజ / Nenu Sailaja (2016)

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    Hari (Ram), a DJ in Vizag, proposes to many girls none of them accept his love. One day he sees a beautiful girl Sailaja (Keerthi Suresh) and also impresses her but doesn't propose to her fearing that he would be rejected. Hari spends some good times with

  • 1:41:07 Beyond Paradise (2016)

    Beyond Paradise (2016)

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    Destiny weaves a love triangle: Shahrzad (Francia Raisa), a ravishing music student, her husband Sean (Max Amini), a rising stand-up comedian, and Sebastian (Ryan Guzman), a poetic Spanish-American gardener. Caught in the middle is Shahrzad's piano teache

  • 1:42:26 Popular ちはやふる:下の句 / Chihayafuru, Part 2 (2016)

    ちはやふる:下の句 / Chihayafuru, Part 2 (2016)

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    After successfully won the Tokyo qualifying tournament, Chihaya and her friends are set to go on to the nationals. As they prepare, Chihaya is faced with new personal issues as her childhood friend and inspiration, Arata, has announced that he has quit co

  • 1:22:32 Popular Chimères (2013)

    Chimères (2013)

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    While on holidays in Romania with his girlfriend Livia, Alexandre is hit by a car. He is rushed to the hospital where he has to undergo a blood transfusion. On his return home he seems to suffer from a strange disease, convinced that contaminated blood ru

  • 1:51:14 Popular ちはやふる:上の句 / Chihayafuru, Part 1 (2016)

    ちはやふる:上の句 / Chihayafuru, Part 1 (2016)

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    When Chihaya Ayase was in the 6th grade of elementary school, she met Arata Wataya. Arata Wataya transferred from Fukui Prefecture. Taichi Mashima was Chihaya Ayase’s friend since they were little. Arata got close to Chihaya and Taichi from the card

  • 49:20 The Borgias (2011), S01E08: The Art of War

    The Borgias (2011), S01E08: The Art of War

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    Paolo helps Lucrezia and Guilia escape Sforza, but they are captured by advancing French forces as the Pope's cardinals flee Rome before King Charles' military juggernaut.

  • 51:41 The Borgias (2011), S01E05: The Borgias in Love

    The Borgias (2011), S01E05: The Borgias in Love

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    Cesare Borgia takes the beautiful Ursula Bornadeo as his mistress and vows to revenge himself on her husband who has insulted his mother.

  • 45:16 The Borgias (2011), S01E09: Nessuno (Nobody)

    The Borgias (2011), S01E09: Nessuno (Nobody)

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    The Pope disarms King Charles by promising his support for his Neapolitan claims, and wishes to annul Lucrezia's marriage on grounds of her husband's impotency.

  • 51:12 The Borgias (2011), S01E03: The Moor

    The Borgias (2011), S01E03: The Moor

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    Sultan Cem of the Ottoman Empire arrives at Rome. Cesare declines his brothers request of using Michelotto. The Pope tries to decide who is to marry his daughter.

  • 54:54 The Borgias (2011), S01E04: Lucrezia's Wedding

    The Borgias (2011), S01E04: Lucrezia's Wedding

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    Rodrigo's children insist that their mother be invited to Lucrezia's arranged political marriage to a Sforza, but the Pope resists.