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Romance films are romantic love stories recorded in visual media for broadcast in theaters and on television that focus on passion, emotion, and the affectionate romantic involvement of the main characters and the journey that their genuinely strong, true and pure romantic love takes them through dating, courtship or marriage. Romance films make the romantic love story or the search for strong and pure love and romance the main plot focus.

  • 50:07 The Borgias (2011), S01E02: The Assassin

    The Borgias (2011), S01E02: The Assassin

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    Micheletto, Orsini's assassin is recruited by Cesare to defect into the service of Della Rovere who is trying to prove Rodrigo has taken on a mistress.

  • 51:02 The Borgias (2011), S01E07: Death, on a Pale Horse

    The Borgias (2011), S01E07: Death, on a Pale Horse

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    Della Rovere convinces the French king to invade Milan and is aghast at the slaughter while Cesare discovers the abbey where Ursula has retreated after her husband's death.

  • 49:25 The Borgias (2011), S01E01: The Poisoned Chalice

    The Borgias (2011), S01E01: The Poisoned Chalice

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    Extremely ruthless and ambitious cardinal Rodrigo Borgia uses bribery to take advantage of the death of the current Pope and rise to the Papacy.

  • 51:37 The Borgias (2011), S01E06: The French King

    The Borgias (2011), S01E06: The French King

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    In order to ensure a lasting alliance with Naples, the Pope betroths his 13 year old son to his bastard daughter while Della Rovere conspires in France.

  • 1:15:55 Baby Face (1933)

    Baby Face (1933)

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    Lilly (Baby Face) sleeps her way from basement speakeasy bartender, literally floor by floor, to the top floor of a New York office building. Bank sub-manager Jimmy McCoy finds her a job in the bank only to be cast aside as she hooks up with the bank's pr

  • 2:20:41 Baar Baar Dekho (2016)

    Baar Baar Dekho (2016)

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    'Baar Baar Dekho' is a love-story, which unfolds through flash-backs and flash-forwards. Recently actor Sidharth Malhotra has revealed that, the movie has a unique and has a very unusual storyline. The film is neither science fiction nor does it revolve a

  • 1:26:39 Another Country (1984)

    Another Country (1984)

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    Based on the award winning play by Julian Mitchell, the film explores the effect of Public School life in the 1930's on Guy Bennett as his homosexuality and unwillingness to "play the game" turns him eastwards towards communist Russia.

  • 1:44:32 L'amore Ritrovato / An Italian Romance (2004)

    L'amore Ritrovato / An Italian Romance (2004)

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  • 1:29:26 Anna Christie (1930)

    Anna Christie (1930)

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    In New York, the alcoholic skipper of a coal barge Chris Christofferson receives a letter from his estranged twenty year old daughter Anna "Christie" Christofferson telling that she will leave Minnesota to stay with him. Chris left Anna fifteen years ago

  • 1:31:41 All of Me (1984)

    All of Me (1984)

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    Roger is called in to change the will of an aging millionairess. She has made arrangements for her soul to be 'captured' and transferred into the body of a younger girl. After an argument about the will, the millionairess dies, but her spirit somehow land

  • 1:24:09 All of My Heart (2015)

    All of My Heart (2015)

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    A young caterer's life suddenly changes course when she inherits a country home and learns she must share it with a career-obsessed Wall Street trader. At first, these opposites do not attract, but feelings begin to change when they find themselves having

  • 1:22:24 嗚呼!おんなたち:猥歌 / Rolling on the Road (1981)

    嗚呼!おんなたち:猥歌 / Rolling on the Road (1981)

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    Yuya Uchida stars in this pseudo-documentary about George, a washed-up middle-aged rocker, divorcing his wife and living with his girlfriend, a soap massage parlor worker.