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Romance films are romantic love stories recorded in visual media for broadcast in theaters and on television that focus on passion, emotion, and the affectionate romantic involvement of the main characters and the journey that their genuinely strong, true and pure romantic love takes them through dating, courtship or marriage. Romance films make the romantic love story or the search for strong and pure love and romance the main plot focus.

  • 21:44 Popular The Last Man on Earth (2015), S01E03: Raisin Balls and Wedding Bells

    The Last Man on Earth (2015), S01E03: Raisin Balls and Wedding Bells

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    Phil finally agrees to marry Carol even though he thinks it's rather silly, given that they are the last two people on Earth. Adjusting to married life goes well, until he suddenly runs into the beautiful, and unattached, Melissa.

  • 43:43 Popular The Last Man on Earth (2015), S01E01-02: Alive in Tucson | The Elephant in the Room

    The Last Man on Earth (2015), S01E01-02: Alive in Tucson | The Elephant in the Room

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    After a deadly virus wipes out humanity, Phil Miller searches the country for more survivors. After meeting Carol, Phil tries to adjust back to civilization.

  • 1:28:51 Popular A Farewell to Arms (1932)

    A Farewell to Arms (1932)

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    A tale of the love between ambulance driver Lt. Henry and Nurse Catherine Barkley during World War I. The action takes place in Italy and the two fall in love during the war and will stop at nothing to be together. The film also analyses Lt. Henry's feeli

  • 54:36 Popular London Spy (2015), S01E03: Blue

    London Spy (2015), S01E03: Blue

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    Danny is arrested by D.I. Taylor, who suggests that Alex, at his own request, was locked in a trunk for erotic asphyxiation but Danny let him suffocate by not releasing him. Danny is appalled to learn that his intimate conversations with Alex were bugged

  • 57:28 Popular London Spy (2015), S01E02: Strangers

    London Spy (2015), S01E02: Strangers

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    Alex is found dead, in an apparent sex game gone wrong and Danny is implicated. After he goes to the press to put forward his claim that Alex was murdered he receives an invitation to go and stay with the parents Alex had told him were dead, finding the d

  • 59:10 Popular London Spy (2015), S01E01: Lullaby

    London Spy (2015), S01E01: Lullaby

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    Gay warehouse worker Danny is out jogging when he meets the well-heeled Joe, an investment banker, and they begin an affair. However melancholy Joe is really called Alex and is not telling Danny his true job, making Danny's elderly friend Scottie suspicio

  • 1:57:48 Popular 近キョリ恋愛 / Close Range Love (2014)

    近キョリ恋愛 / Close Range Love (2014)

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    A smart high school student falls in love with her new handsome English teacher after she begins to receive one-on-one tutoring from him.

  • 21:34 Popular The Last Man on Earth (2015), S02E09: Secret Santa

    The Last Man on Earth (2015), S02E09: Secret Santa

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    Along with most human life, the virus wiped out normal traditions and holidays. As Christmas approaches, Carol spearheads a "Secret Santa" gift exchange to spread some festive cheer.

  • 21:11 Popular The Last Man on Earth (2015), S02E10: Christmas / Silent Night

    The Last Man on Earth (2015), S02E10: Christmas / Silent Night

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    The pressure is on as Gail tries to fix a bad situation, and Melissa and Todd try to recover from their relationship troubles.

  • 2:23:54 Popular മധുര നാരങ്ങ / Madhura Naranga (2015)

    മധുര നാരങ്ങ / Madhura Naranga (2015)

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    Jeevan (Kunchacko Boban) and Salim (Biju Menon) are taxi drivers in Gulf.They live in a small apartment which they share with Kumar (Neeraj Madhav). A Sri Lanka Native Thamara Enters their life and they are forced to accommodate her in their apartment . T

  • 2:36:12 Popular శివం / Shivam (2015)

    శివం / Shivam (2015)

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  • 2:57:10 Popular நண்பன் / స్నేహితుడు / Friends (2012)

    நண்பன் / స్నేహితుడు / Friends (2012)

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    Two buddies Venkatramakrishnan and Sevalkodi Senthil set out in search of their long lost friend Panchavan Parivendan aka Pari. They have a nerd Srivatsan for company and through intermittent flashbacks we are told that Pari, a bright, yet free-spirited s