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Sport films are covers all sports activities. Sports films have been made since the era of silent films, such as the 1915 film The Champion starring Charlie Chaplin. Films in this genre can range from serious (Raging Bull) to silly (Horse Feathers). A classic theme for sports films is the triumph of an individual or team who prevail despite the difficulties.

  • 22:22 Popular ダッシュ!四駆郎 / Dash! Yonkuro (1987), S01E01: Dash Warriors' First Battle

    ダッシュ!四駆郎 / Dash! Yonkuro (1987), S01E01: Dash Warriors' First Battle

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  • 2:02:49 Popular Concussion (2015)

    Concussion (2015)

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    Will Smith stars in Concussion, a dramatic thriller based on the incredible true David vs. Goliath story of American immigrant Dr. Bennet Omalu, the brilliant forensic neuropathologist who made the first discovery of CTE, a football-related brain trauma,

  • 1:38:10 Popular Rollerball (2002)

    Rollerball (2002)

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    Johnathan Cross, a lover of extreme sports, is recruited by Alexi Petrovich to star in his sportive invention, Rollerball. Johnathan accepts and learns the ropes of Rollerball: The players are on Rollerblades, trying to bring a heavy metal ball into a hig

  • 1:34:43 Popular Fight to the Finish (2016)

    Fight to the Finish (2016)

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    A young amateur fighter makes an enemy with a hardened thug when he gets in-between his next-door neighbor and her abusive ex- boyfriend. As his personal life becomes threatened, he realizes he must finish the fight that he started, but this time they'll

  • 1:32:37 Popular Messi: The Movie (2015)

    Messi: The Movie (2015)

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  • 1:43:35 Popular TT3D: Closer to the Edge (2011)

    TT3D: Closer to the Edge (2011)

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    By vividly recounting the TT's legendary rivalries and the Isle of Man's unique road racing history, this 3D feature documentary will discover why modern TT riders still risk their lives to win the world's most dangerous race. The Isle of Man Tourist Trop

  • 1:30:10 Popular Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland (2016)

    Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland (2016)

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    When the Dean of Blue Mountain State threatens to sell the Goat House, Alex throws Thad the party of his dreams in an effort to get him to buy it.

  • 2:05:03 Popular Rollerball (1975)

    Rollerball (1975)

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    In a futuristic society where corporations have replaced countries, the violent game of Rollerball is used to control the populace by demonstrating the futility of individuality. However, one player, Jonathan E., rises to the top, fights for his personal

  • 1:38:00 Popular 搏击迷城 / Lost In Wrestling (2015)

    搏击迷城 / Lost In Wrestling (2015)

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    Female Mongolian wrestler, Na Ren, was invited to participate in a women’s wrestling show in Japan. The show host, Boss, instantaneously changed the competition to mud wrestling and Na Ren was forced to compete. Later on, Na Ren discovered that Boss

  • 1:50:17 Popular Lionheart (1990)

    Lionheart (1990)

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    Lyon Gaultier is a deserter in the Foreign Legion arriving in the USA entirely hard up. He finds his brother between life and death and his sister-in-law without the money needed to heal her husband and to maintain her child. To earn the money needed, Gau

  • 1:33:31 Popular The King of the Kickboxers (1990)

    The King of the Kickboxers (1990)

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    Kahn is a heavy weight kick-box champion, who often kills his opponents in front of the running camera, to sell it on video tape. Jake had to witness once how his brother was killed by him, and now has come for revenge. But first he has to improve his fig

  • 1:43:05 Popular The Program (2015)

    The Program (2015)

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    An Irish sports journalist becomes convinced that Lance Armstrong's performances during the Tour de France victories are fueled by banned substances. With this conviction, he starts hunting for evidence that will expose Armstrong.