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  • 1:15:12 New Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants (2016)

    Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants (2016)

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    The Dark Knight is back doing what he does best - protecting the citizens of Gotham City - in the third installment of the Batman Unlimited series, Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants. When evil scientist Mr. Freeze activates his latest invention on two o

  • 1:48:52 Popular Doctor Strange (2016)

    Doctor Strange (2016)

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    Marvel's "Doctor Strange" follows the story of the talented neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange who, after a tragic car accident, must put ego aside and learn the secrets of a hidden world of mysticism and alternate dimensions. Based in New York City's Gr

  • 42:24 Popular Supergirl (2016), S02E08: Medusa

    Supergirl (2016), S02E08: Medusa

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    As Eliza comes to National City for Thanksgiving, Kara turns to Lena for help when Cadmus unleashes a virus that instantly kills aliens, then is asked by Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon for help with an alien invasion on their Earth.

  • 42:27 Supergirl (2016), S02E07: The Darkest Place

    Supergirl (2016), S02E07: The Darkest Place

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    Supergirl comes face-to-face with Cyborg Superman when she attempts to save Mon-El from Cadmus.

  • 42:29 Supergirl (2016), S02E06: Changing

    Supergirl (2016), S02E06: Changing

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    The Guardian arrives to lend a hand when an alien parasite drains Supergirl of her power. Mon-El contemplates his motives when he considers a new career. Alex faces a new reality.

  • 42:19 Supergirl (2016), S02E05: Crossfire

    Supergirl (2016), S02E05: Crossfire

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    Supergirl faces a ruthless new gang that's been given new alien technology by Cadmus.

  • 42:26 Supergirl (2016), S02E04: Survivors

    Supergirl (2016), S02E04: Survivors

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    Supergirl tries to stop an alien fight club run by Roulette, while Hank gets to know M'Gann.

  • 42:11 Popular Supergirl (2016), S02E03: Welcome to Earth

    Supergirl (2016), S02E03: Welcome to Earth

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    Supergirl and the DEO are assigned to protect the President when an attack on her causes alien vs. human rights in National City to heat up. Alex investigates the case with Maggie Sawyer while Kara fears Mon-El may be responsible.

  • 42:29 Arrow (2016), S05E09: What We Leave Behind

    Arrow (2016), S05E09: What We Leave Behind

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    After the attack on Curtis, Oliver realizes Prometheus is planning to make a deadly move on all of Team Arrow; Felicity and Malone find a clue that ties Prometheus to Oliver's past.

  • 42:27 Arrow (2016), S05E08: Invasion!

    Arrow (2016), S05E08: Invasion!

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    Oliver wakes up to a life in which his parents are alive and he is about to marry Laurel; Felicity faces a new threat with the help of The Flash and Supergirl.

  • 42:26 Arrow (2016), S05E07: Vigilante

    Arrow (2016), S05E07: Vigilante

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    Oliver discovers there's a new vigilante in Star City when the bodies of two criminals are dropped at the SCPD. In flashbacks, Oliver faces Konstantin Kovar.

  • 41:30 Arrow (2016), S05E06: So It Begins

    Arrow (2016), S05E06: So It Begins

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    Felicity and Curtis learn that Prometheus's victims have a mysterious link to Oliver's past that could up-end his new team.