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War film is a film genre concerned with warfare, typically about naval, air, or land battles in the twentieth century, with combat scenes central to the drama. The fateful nature of battle scenes means that war films often end with them. Themes explored include combat, survival and escape, sacrifice, the futility and inhumanity of battle, the effects of war on society, and the moral and human issues raised by war.

  • 23:55 Popular Buddy Complex (2014), S01E13: Acception

    Buddy Complex (2014), S01E13: Acception

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    With over half their fleet gone and up against enemy Coupling Valiancers, the Cygnus is tasked with taking down the Gorgon, Zogilia's weapon of mass destruction. Aoba and Dio after got their hand to their new Valiancers Luxon NEXT and Bradyon NEXT, come t

  • 23:55 Popular Buddy Complex (2014), S01E11: The Truth

    Buddy Complex (2014), S01E11: The Truth

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    The Zogilians infiltrate the Hawaii Base. While the crew of the Cygnus work to thwart them, Hina's father reveals a startling truth to her. Hina who is sad after the death of her father and confuses about her real identity accidentally meets Aoba. He comf

  • 2:54:47 Popular True Women (1997)

    True Women (1997)

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    True Women is a sweeping saga of love, war and adventure. Spanning five decades from the Texas Revolution through the Civil War, Reconstruction and beyond, True Women is the story of the love, friendship, survival and triumphs of Sarah Ashby McClure, Euph

  • 23:56 Popular Buddy Complex (2014), S01E12: The Bond Between Them

    Buddy Complex (2014), S01E12: The Bond Between Them

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    The crew of the Cygnus work through the fallout of losing the Luxon and the Bradyon, and of the flawed Coupling that Aoba and Dio conducted using the old Coupling Valiancers. Meanwhile, Dr. Hahn drugs Hina to become the pilot for his new Coupling Valiance

  • 24:27 Popular Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans (2015), S01E03: Glorious Demise

    Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans (2015), S01E03: Glorious Demise

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    Thanks to Mikazuki and the Gundam Barbatos, Orga's group has temporarily repulsed Gjallarhorn, though not without many sacrifices. As they are discussing their next move, one of Gjallarhorn's Graze mobile suits again appears at the CGS base.

  • 59:21 Popular War and Peace (2016), S01E01

    War and Peace (2016), S01E01

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    In 1805 Russia is at war with France though idealist Pierre Bezukhov, illegitimate son of a wealthy count, expresses admiration for Napoleon, a view not widely held in St Petersburg whilst Pierre's friend Andrei Bolkonsky, tired of high society and marria

  • 23:55 Popular Buddy Complex (2014), S01E07: Buddy

    Buddy Complex (2014), S01E07: Buddy

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    As the Cygnus makes its way to the Hawaii Base, Zogilia's Protection Division catches up with them. And the three Coupler pilots must decide who will pair up with whom.

  • 2:12:39 Popular American Sniper (2014)

    American Sniper (2014)

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    Chris Kyle was nothing more than a Texan man who dreamed of becoming a cowboy, but in his thirties he found out that maybe his life needed something different, something where he could express his real talent, something that could help America in its figh

  • 47:45 Popular Tour of Duty (1987), S01E02: Notes from the Underground

    Tour of Duty (1987), S01E02: Notes from the Underground

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    A U.S. Platoon on reconnaissance patrol with Goldman's platoon is ambushed by the NVA, the enemy soldiers appearing to vanish before Goldman and his men can intersect them, the inexperienced Lieutenant mistakenly calling fire on the surviving members of t

  • 2:05:35 Popular The Great Dictator (1940)

    The Great Dictator (1940)

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    Twenty years after the end of WWI in which the nation of Tomainia was on the losing side, Adenoid Hynkel has risen to power as the ruthless dictator of the country. He believes in a pure Aryan state, and the decimation of the Jews. This situation is unkno

  • 57:59 Popular 機動戦士ガンダム THE ORIGIN / Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin (2015), S01E02: Artesia's Sorrow

    機動戦士ガンダム THE ORIGIN / Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin (2015), S01E02: Artesia's Sorrow

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    Three years have passed since Casval, Artesia, and Jimba fled to Earth and sought refuge in the castle of Don Teabolo Mass in Andalusia, Spain; Teabolo adopts the children and renames them Édouard and Sayla, respectively. After Jimba is killed in a

  • 59:56 Popular War and Peace (2016), S01E04

    War and Peace (2016), S01E04

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    Andrei's curmudgeonly father orders him to travel for a year to test his feelings for Natasha, which she initially accepts. Six months later Nikolai shocks his parents by declaring his love for Sonya, whom he hopes to marry, rather than the heiress Julie