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Dragon Ball Super (2016), S01E048: HOPE!! Again - Trunks Wakes Up in the Present!


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Goku Black taunts Future Trunks as he could not save any of his family or friends. Future Trunks powers up to Super Saiyan to fight Goku Black but is outmatched. He distracts Goku Black with an energy attack and decides to escape in a Time Capsule of Capsule Corporation back 17 years in the past. He is almost killed by Goku Black but manages to escape nevertheless. Goku Black is frustrated that he cannot find Trunks in the future timeline. Meanwhile in the present timeline, Trunks is studying in class along with Mai, Pilaf and Shu. During a recess break Trunks feels strange and looks at the sky to observe the Time Capsule carrying Future Trunks arriving and immediately calls for Bulma. Bulma contacts Vegeta and Goku who are at Beerus' Planet. Bulma asks Trunks to power up for Goku to use Instant Transmission to arrive immediately. Goku, Vegeta, Whis and Beerus arrive to see Future Trunks. Vegeta asks Goku to get a Senzu Bean and Goku goes to Korrin's place to get some. Bulma gives a Senzu Bean to Future Trunks and when he regains consciousness, he sees Goku and recollects Goku Black's attacks and attacks Goku which shocks everyone around. 

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