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史上最強の弟子 ケンイチ / History Strongest Disciple Kenichi (2013), OVA 6: The Soldier from Russia!


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Several Yomi members, including Boris Ivanov, disciple of Yami master Alexander Gaidar, are put under the leadership of Shō and ordered to eliminate as many dojo's in Japan as possible as a declaration of war against Ryozanpaku. Kenichi once again attempts to escape Ryozanpaku to get a break from constantly training and finally succeeds with help from Tochumaru. He ends up hiding at Tanimoto's home, who is still searching for his old master, Sougetsu Ma. Boris learns that only one Dojo is left standing and orders his team to attack at once. Apachai discovers Kenichi hiding at Tanimoto's home but is bribed with food to keep it a secret. At school Kenichi tries to avoid Miu until he learns she is not upset at him for escaping, though he becomes upset at her as she has kept Shō's earring in case she has a chance to exchange it for her stolen hairclip. Tanimoto forces Kenichi to attend a Shinpaku meeting where Niijima is planning to take out Yomi to establish Shinpaku as a respected organisation. Boris and his team approach Ryozanpaku, though Boris, who struggles to read Japanese, doesn't realise it is Ryozanpaku Dojo. At Tanimoto's house Tanimoto and Honoka continue their Othello feud. Tanimoto scolds Kenichi for avoiding his training, even though he had promised to become strong enough to protect Miu. At Ryozanpaku most of Boris' team are effortlessly incapacitated by the Masters. Boris, hoping for a decent fight, issues a formal duel challenge just as Kenichi returns. 

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