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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007), S01E21: Path of Destruction


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Saji mourns the loss of his sister, aware only that her investigations into Celestial Being were responsible for her death. The Trinity siblings launch a brief counterattack that destroys one GN-X after their compound's location is revealed. The UN Army continues its assault on Celestial Being by attacking the Ptolemaios in space. Alejandro Corner learns that the GN-Xs were created by Laguna Harvey, who is later assassinated by Ali. During the battle, Alejandro accesses Veda and deactivates the Meisters' GN Drives, leaving them defenseless. However, Sumeragi anticipates this and activates a backup system; every unit except Virtue is able to reactivate. Seeing Tieria's crippled state, Patrick Colasour goes for the killing blow. Lockon intercepts the attack, but is severely injured. The battle ends with the UN Army retreating after losing two of their GN-X units, thanks to the timely arrival of the GN Arms. Despite the withdrawal, the AEU, the Union, and HRL consider the mission a success and begin research into mass producing the GN Drive. 

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