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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007), S01E24: Endless Poem


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Setsuna contemplates his memories of Lockon, who vouched for him when he first became a Meister. Tieria blames Setsuna for Lockon's death, but Sumeragi reminds him that their true enemies are still nearby and the crew hurries to repair the Gundams. Meanwhile, having lost over half their GN-Xs and the Throne Zwei, Sergei suggests a withdrawal, but launches a second strike after the UN headquarters sends reinforcements. When Alejandro Corner joins the UN forces in a large, golden mobile armor and fires a massive particle cannon at the Ptolemaios, Setsuna and Lasse attack Alejandro, but could not penetrate his GN shield. While the Kyrios and Nadleeh protect the ship, Alejandro continues to deal heavy damage on the Ptolemaios and the Gundams. One by one, the members of Celestial Being fall in battle. Tieria activates his Trans-Am system and destroys several GN-Xs, but Nadleeh is reduced to its cockpit and GN Drive while in the meantime, Allelujah continues to battle Sergei and Soma in a badly damaged Kyrios. A GN-X slips through and fires directly into the Ptolemaios bridge, killing Christina and Lichtendahl. Sumeragi, Ian, and Feldt manage to escape in one of the Ptolemaios' containers as the carrier is destroyed. 

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