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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007), S02E11: 00's Voice


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After the Memento Mori's firing, Katharon begins planning an attack in space to destroy the superweapon. Nena Trinity expresses discontent with Wang Liu Mei for helping the people who killed her brothers. Tieria, after witnessing the devastation, decides to tell his comrades about the Innovators. When A-Laws forces led by Kati attack Celestial Being's asteroid base, everyone are forced to flee and Anew Returner joins the crew as the Ptolemaios II's pilot. During the ensuing battle, Ian Vashti is injured, leaving Saji to deliver the 0-Raiser to the 00 Gundam. The combined unit, the 00-Raiser, is able to easily outperform the A-Laws attackers, but when Setsuna activates the 00-Raiser's Trans-Am system, he and everyone in the area are affected by the particles and are able to hear the voices of everyone in range of the particle output - including Saji and Louise, who are shocked to learn that the other is in the action and on opposing sides. 

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