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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007), S02E16: Prelude to Tragedy


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Secretly sent by the government to deliver their demands, Sergei learns of Hercury's goal to open the people's eyes to the A-Laws' immoral actions when they attempt to retake the orbital elevator by using their Automatons to kill both rogue troops and the civilian hostages being evacuated down the elevator. However, the government manipulates broadcasts of the automaton assault to make the rebels appear as the ones killing the civilians. Meanwhile, Setsuna is locked in battle with Mr. Bushido and his Trans-Am mode Masurao until the Ptolemaios II and the other Gundam Meisters arrive on the scene. Bushido falls back as Setsuna vows to change for Neil's sake. After analyzing the unusual redeployment of Federation troops around the elevator, Sumeragi and Kati are horrified to realize that the troops are anticipating the elevator's collapse and that the A-Laws plan on completely destroying it. In space, a second Memento Mori prepares to fire at the orbital elevator. 

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