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Plastic Memories (2015), S01E12: Filling Up with Memories


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In the middle of the night, Isla breaks down in tears and sleeps in Tsukasa's bed for comfort. The next morning, she has reverted to a bright and cheery personality, much to Tsukasa's surprise and relief. At the office, the other employees give Tsukasa tickets to a number of events that he could take Isla to. The two then use tickets given to them by Michiru and Zack to watch a romantic movie. The next day, they return to work despite having taken that day off. Following Isla's visit to the Unit Testing Room, Michiru and Eru discuss about the necessity of her increasingly frequent visits. Meanwhile, Kazuki approaches Tsukasa in private and gives him a retrieval agreement form for Isla, telling him to sign it. Overhearing their conversation, Isla decides to begin teaching Tsukasa how to raise the herbs she had been cultivating in her spare time, as well as how to make tea. While serving Michiru tea, Tsukasa is confronted by her about why he and Isla are coming to work despite taking the day off, and he responds that it was a part of their decision to carry on as they were. The following night, Tsukasa gives Isla the retrieval agreement form, and she gives him her approval in signing it. The next day, they go to retrieve Sarah, their last retrieval mission together. Before erasing Sarah's memories, Isla whispers something indiscernible to her. They then return to the office, where they find the others holding a party in commemoration for Isla's last retrieval mission. After the party, Tsukasa asks Isla what she told Sarah, and she replies that she told her of her hope that she would be reunited with the person they cherished. 

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