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Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold (2015), S01E03: Gold vs. Gold, Clash of the Saints!


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Aiolia and Lyfia head towards the village of Asgard while splitting up with Mu. Arriving in the village, they encounter Deathmask who previously encountered Aphrodite and later hanging out at a bar. Pleading with the Cancer Gold Saint, Lyfia is simply rejected as Deathmask is satisfied with his new life, accepting it as a bonus for their sacrifice in the Underworld, leaving the rest for Athena, Seiya and the Bronze Saints they sacrificed their lives for. Seemingly challenging Deathmask, Aiolia simply leaves with Lyfia, deciding to find a place to rest for the upcoming night.

Meanwhile, Milo travels further through the lands of Asgard, meeting Camus who suddenly attacks him. Shortly after, Milo is confronted by the God Warrior Eikþyrnir Surt. Facing an attack from the God Warrior as well as Camus, Milo is sent falling down the river where he eventually meets with Shaka inside a cave. Refusing to quietly sit by and observe what happens, Milo ventures to find the God Warriors' hidden base, confronting Camus once again. Facing his former friend in a vicious battle, they are seemingly equal in powers until God Warrior Grani Sigmund arrives to finish of Milo. However, Surt intervenes and blasts the Gold Saint with his flames. At that moment, a mysterious figure emerge from the flames surrounding Milo: the Gemini Gold Saint, Saga!

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