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Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold (2015), S01E04: The 7 God Warriors Assembled!


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Saga arrives to assist Milo against Camus, Surt and Sigmund who are all astonished at seeing the strongest Gold Saint. Pulverizing the base with his Galaxian Explosion, the two God Warriors and Camus are unharmed due to Yggdrasil protecting them. As they gather their techniques, Saga transports himself and Milo away with the Another Dimension. They later discuss Yggdrasil, before Milo press onward determined to destroy Yggdrasil.

At the same time, Aiolia and Lyfia discuss the God Warriors and Andreas as they are unable to sleep. Lyfia reveals each of the God Warriors and who they are.

Meanwhile, Deathmask starts noticing lesser villagers around at the bar or in the village, wondering what's going on. As he later stares at his Cloth, Aphrodite arrives informing him that Aiolia left early. Travelling to the market, Deathmask is shocked to see Helena's flower shop not having opened yet, asking the old man what's happened. Rushing to her house to search for her, he instead meet her brothers and sisters who tell the Gold Saint she has been taken to a hospital for treatment. As he remembers something the owner of the bar told him earlier, Deathmask rush to this hospital.

At the hospital, God Warrior Fafner, who has been doing research to create something special for Andreas, is confronted by Aphrodite who is successful in extracting information on how to break the barrier of Yggdrasil before being confronted by Andreas himself. Rushing out with Helena, Aphrodite urges Deathmask to run away as he arrives and grabs Helena, shortly before the Pisces is impaled by the roots of Yggdrasil. Deathmask, furious at Andreas for his actions, swears to kill him even without his Cloth. Just then, his Cancer Gold Cloth once more wraps itself around Deathmask who engage the representative in unequal combat. Lamenting that he wished to help Helena but was unable to do anything, he burns his Cosmo to the maximum. He briefly overpowers Andreas as his Cloth changes form, causing Andreas to retreat for the time. As Deathmask cradles Helena, he laments as she dies.

Finally, Mu reaches the man he had mentioned to Aiolia earlier, revealing it to be Shaka as he asks the Gold Saint about the hidden power in their Cloths: the God Cloth.

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