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Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold (2015), S01E05: Gold Cloth's Ultimate Power!

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Mu and Shaka converse about the God Cloths, the hidden power that resides in their Cloth. Receiving the golden dagger Athena once claimed her life with, Mu ventures to aid the other Gold Saints who travel to find the Great Roots of Yggdrasil in order to destroy them who is told about the God Cloths.

Aiolia and Lyfia find themselves confronted by a cloaked figure revealing himself as Pegasus Seiya. As he questions Seiya why the Bronze Saints aren't in Elysium, he starts to believe that they have fallen as well and that Athena has already fallen. Lyfia informs him of the Fimbulwinter, a labyrinth which uses the darkest memories of the Gold Saints to use against them. Aiolia then swears to make Andreas pay for using Seiya and his friends against them. Reluctantly preparing to strike, the "Seiya" illusion suddenly changes to "Shura" instead.

At the same time, Milo interrupts Mu as he finds himself confronted by a cloaked figure. Engaging his opponent, his 15 star points is frozen and he turns to witness that it is Cygnus Hyoga. Shocked at why he's in Asgard, he later realize that it is an illusion feeding on his darkness. Engaging the "Hyoga" illusion, Milo successfully defeats the illusion before reaching the Great Root.

Meanwhile, Aldebaran and Dohko also find themselves confronted by cloaked figures revealed to be Andromeda Shun and Dragon Shiryu. Asking them why they aren't in the underworld fighting Hades, the two Gold Saints manage to see through the illusions and extinguish them before reaching another Great Root.

Caught off guard and trying to persuade himself that Shura only did his duty as a Saint 12 years ago when he killed Aiolos, Aiolia is unable to fight back and almost faces defeat, but the real Shura intervenes and saves Aiolia from a lethal blow before engaging the "Shura" illusion. However, he is unsuccessful in defeating the illusion as Aiolia is the one who created it. Using his Jumping Stone, Shura restrains the illusion and urges Aiolia to strike them both. Revealing his side of the story from what happened 12 years ago, he realized that one day he would have to redeem himself for killing the older brother of Aiolia who was still young then. Once again, Aiolia reluctantly burns his Cosmo before striking them both, successfully destroying the illusion and leaving Shura lightly injured. As the fog lifts, they find the third Great Root.

However, in order to achieve the God Cloth, the Gold Saints must increase their Cosmo to the maximum as well as have a Cloth blessed by Athena. Aldebaran's Cloth has received Athena's tears, and Aiolia has the keepsake gemstone which belonged to Aiolos and has the blessings of Athena. However, Milo possesses neither a Cloth or artifact blessed by Athena, and is thus unable to get a God Cloth, unless using the dagger Mu received from Shaka. Reluctantly, Mu teleports the dagger to Milo who, along with Aiolia and Aldebaran awaken their God Cloths.

Although they successfully destroy the Great Roots, Milo dies and is buried by the roots of Yggdrasil. The other Gold Saints feel his Cosmo disappearing and Mu arrives to see his friend buried, lamenting at the loss of his friend.

Trying to reach Athena in hope of answers to their revival, Shaka suddenly feels something and he opens his eyes as the Virgo Cloth wraps itself around him.

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