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Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold (2015), S01E07: Showdown, God Cloth vs. God Cloth!


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Aiolia and Frodi are seemingly equal as they clash in Vanaheim until Aiolia unleash his full power, taking the God Warrior by surprise. This, however, causes Frodi to burn his Cosmo more intense as his eyes start to glow purple.

In Jotunheim, Heracles taunts Aldebaran in order to make him use the God Cloth against him again, but Aldebaran refuses as he does not need the God Cloth against an opponent he has already beaten once before, not retaliating at all. He later decides to retaliate as he notice how Heracles has allowed the new Odin Sapphire to consume his soul, shattering his God Robe by using his God Cloth. However, they both die as the roots of Yggdrasil buries them, but not before Aldebaran succesfully destroy the statue of Jotunheim.

In Svartalfheim, Mu knocks Fafner to the ground and swears to deal with him once he has destroyed the statue, but the God Warrior stands up with a much more powerful Cosmo and lash out at the Gold Saint.

In Jaheim, Shura and Camus' attacks clash at an equal level of strength. Remembering the time where they and Saga served Hades to save Athena, they accept that they have chosen separate paths and burn their Cosmo, both awakening a portion of their God Cloths. Clashing once more, they are both wounded but the statue in Jaheim succesfully breaks.

At Helheim, Dohko easily wipes out the dead soldiers before attempting to attack the cloaked figure, only for his attack to be neutralized. Just then, Utgardar introduce himself to Dohko and prepares to face him while the cloaked figure is revealed to be Lyfia who seems to be in some sort of trance.

Back at Jaheim, Surt appears and kills Shura while the hidden statue of Muspelheim emerge from the ground. Camus, having finally awoken his soul again, betrays Surt by reminding his former friend of the accident when they were young. Enraged, Surt charge and easily overpowers Camus with his Sword of Flame now burning with a cold blue flame. As he prepares to deal the final blow, Camus reluctantely raises his arms and performs the Aurora Execution as his own Cloth evolve into a God Cloth, granting him victory as Surt's God Robe is shattered. As they die, Surt laments at his actions, to which Camus replies that he may finally rest now.

Finally, Shaka arrives at the chamber of light, Alfheim. There he is greeted by Balder wearing his new Odin Sapphire. Andreas states he is looking forward to this match as the man closest to the gods is about to go up against a god.

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