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Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold (2015), S01E09: Saga, the Unbreakable Bond of Brothers!


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Saga and Sigmund battle a vicious battle at the chamber of mist, Niflheim. Revealing how he was the first to witness Hilda's change and unable to save her, his little brother became a God Warrior instead. Hearing from Andreas, a doctor at that time, the God Warriors were battling Athena's Saints and Siegfried died during that battle. Saga responds by saying he once had a brother too and know how it must feel losing a little brother. Attacking the God Warrior with his unimaginable strength, Saga inflicts severe damage on the God Robe before a part of Siegfried's God Robe covers him, surprising them both.

Meanwhile, Dohko and Utgardar clash in Helheim and Dohko easily overpowers the God Warrior. However, as he hits the statue of death, his mask losens and he reveals a similar mark of death like the Gold Saints, although slightly different. As Dohko questions that mark, the statue break despite the low impact from Utgardar; Dohko quickly ask if Utgardar intended for him to destroy it before the chamber collapses.

In Vanaheim, Aiolia and Frodi's powers constantly clash at equal level, and Frodi removes his cape and sword before attacking with his lightspeed fists. However, Aiolia easily counters his blows as his own fists are the fangs of the golden lion. Lyfia suddenly enters Vanaheim as well, informing Aiolia of something she realized earlier: The one who truly revived the Gold Saints and brought them back to life is in fact her!

Sigmund is surprised and believes Siegfried has decided to lend his power to his older brother, to which Saga replies that the God Robe is crying, shocking Sigmund. Realizing that Siegfried forgives him for the past, Sigmund is ready to stop the battle. However, Andreas manipulates Sigmund's Odin Sapphire and causes him to go completely berserk against Saga, overwhelming the Gold Saint slightly. Urged by Sigmund to not let him suffer any more humilation, Saga burns his Cosmo to the maximum limit and awakens his own God Cloth, before dealing a lethal blow against Sigmund. After their battle, Sigmund is still alive though as Saga leaves.

Back in Vanaheim, Frodi is ordered by Andres to kill Lyfia as it is forbidden to revive the dead. Despite his orders, Frodi cannot bring himself to kill his childhood friend, no matter what. Andreas attempts to manipulate Frodi the same way he did with Sigmund, but the God Warrior instead uses his sword to shatter his Odin Sapphire. As he states he will not kill Lyfia, Utgardar appears and slash her chest. As she lies in Aiolia's arms, she begs for forgiveness, leaving a devastated Aiolia behind as she dies. Refusing to forgive Lyfia's murderer, Frodi sends Aiolia ahead while he settles the score with Utgardar, allowing the Gold Saint to head straight for Andreas.

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