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Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold (2015), S01E10: Clash, Aiolia vs. Andreas!


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While Aiolia reaches Andreas' chambers and confronts him with his God Cloth, Frodi and Utgardar battle each other, with Utgardar stating that Frodi has not enough resolve to protect Asgard as him, until Frodi is sent flying outside a window and hearing the voice of the real Asgard which is suffering under Andreas' rule, he regains his strength and rejoins the fight, defeating Utgardar while destroying the final statue, and learning, much to his surprise, that his opponent bears the same Einherjar mark as the Gold Saints.

Meanwhile, despite using all his strength, Aiolia fails to defeat Andreas, but rejoices upon knowing that all the statues were destroyed, until Andreas shows him the cloths of the fallen Gold Saints, including Aiolos', revealing that the Sagittarius' Cloth was the first one he obtained. He also reveals that his true objective is to nurture the fruit of Yggdrasil using the Gold Cloths' power, and because of that he manipulated Lyfia into reviving the Gold Saints, but before he could attack the exausted Leo Saint, Dohko, Mu and Saga appear to fight Andreas as well.

The three Gold Saints hold back Andreas, taking advantage of a wound he suffered during his fight with Aiolos, but their enemy is then possessed by a god who easily overpowers them, until Shaka appears to join the fight as well. Revealing that the one behind Andreas' actions is no other than the Evil God Loki, Shaka uses his most powerful attack against him. Loki easily breaks through Shaka's offensive and restrains him as well, just to later realize that the Virgo Saint was just buying time for Dohko, Saga and Mu to evolve their Cloths into God Cloths and combine their Cosmo to strike the enemy with Athena's Exclamation, which destroys Yggdrasil completely, killing Andreas as well.

When Aiolia awakens, he discovers that the fruit of Yggdrasil is still intact, as its roots claim his and his fellow saints' bodies.

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