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  • 1:43:43 Popular 邊城三俠 / Magnificent Trio (1966)

    邊城三俠 / Magnificent Trio (1966)

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  • 1:43:43 Popular 金燕子 / The Golden Swallow (1968)

    金燕子 / The Golden Swallow (1968)

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    Golden Swallowrevolves around the further adventures of its title character. This time around, she is forced into violence when a figure from her mysterious past goes on a killing rampage while leaving evidence that holds her responsible.Golden Swallowals

  • 1:51:41 Popular 幪面大俠 / That Man in Chang-An (1967)

    幪面大俠 / That Man in Chang-An (1967)

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  • 1:24:18 Popular 奪魂鈴 / The Bells of Death (1968)

    奪魂鈴 / The Bells of Death (1968)

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  • 1:18:21 Popular 盜劍 / Rape of the Sword (1967)

    盜劍 / Rape of the Sword (1967)

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  • 1:50:52 Popular 獨臂刀 / The One-Armed Swordsman (1967)

    獨臂刀 / The One-Armed Swordsman (1967)

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    The Golden Sword school is attacked by bandits. The servant Fang Cheng sacrifices his life to protect his master Qi Ru Feng. In gratitude, Qi accepts the dying Fang Cheng's son, Fang Kang, as his student. Years later, Fang Kang is scorned by his snobbish

  • 1:27:48 Popular 文素臣 / The Knight of Knights (1966)

    文素臣 / The Knight of Knights (1966)

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  • 1:23:04 Popular 七俠五義 / King Cat (1967)

    七俠五義 / King Cat (1967)

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    During the Song dynasty, after the upright prefect Bao Zheng executed Pang Yu for embezzlement, the grand tutor Pang Ji sent assassins to avenge his son's death. A chivalrous man, Zhan Zhao the "Southern Hero", saved Bao and was conferred the title "King

  • 1:23:51 Popular 追魂鏢 / Killer Darts (1968)

    追魂鏢 / Killer Darts (1968)

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    Liu Wen-lung's home is attacked by bandits led by Chou Chao. Liu's wife was killed, but his son Yu-long was saved by a faithful servant by hiding in a well. While tracking down the bandit, his disciple Hu Chi-feng attempted to rape a villager. Liu Wen-lun

  • 1:34:40 Popular 斷魂谷 / Death Valley (1968)

    斷魂谷 / Death Valley (1968)

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  • 1:30:51 Popular 大醉俠 / Come Drink with Me (1966)

    大醉俠 / Come Drink with Me (1966)

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    A general’s son is taken hostage and used as leverage to free a bandit leader. The general’s other offspring, a girl named Golden Swallow, is sent to rescue the son. When the bandit gang encounter the Golden Swallow in a local inn, the prisone

  • 1:24:30 Popular 天下第一劍 / The Fastest Sword (1968)

    天下第一劍 / The Fastest Sword (1968)

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    Having killed in a duel yet again, "The Fastest Sword of the South" Ding Menghao is challenged to a duel by an 80 year old monk armed with only a long smoking pipe. If Ding wins the monk will be his servant for three years and if the monk wins Ding has to