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The Idolmaster (2011), S01E08: The Indirect Route to Happiness


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Azusa, Makoto and Miki go modeling as a bride, groom and bridesmaid, respectively, for a wedding magazine at a chapel. When Azusa is having a chat with her friend on the phone, a runaway bride bumps into Azusa and drops her engagement ring. Azusa picks it up and is then taken by a group of bodyguards who mistake her for the runaway bride. But Azusa's kidnapping is witnessed by Makoto, so she and the Producer chase them, leaving Miki behind at the job. When the bodyguards realize they have the wrong person, they let Azusa go, but later learn from the bride that the ring is with Azusa. As Azusa tries to find her way back, she helps several people along the way, including watching over a fortune teller's booth, and while doing that, directing a Middle Eastern man to the harbor. After a fight between Makoto and the bodyguards in Yokohama Chinatown, they soon learn where Azusa is and immediately go after her, with the whole group expanding to include the Producer, the bride, the shop owners whose shops were damaged in the fight, and the people Azusa helped. Coincidentally, Miki and the photo crew have moved to where Azusa and everyone else are heading, and Miki convinces the photographer to take pictures of the wild chase. After the misunderstandings are cleared and the ring is finally returned, the bodyguard's boss, who is none other than the man Azusa met earlier, arrives. He reveals himself to be a Middle Eastern oil tycoon. The bride, finally seeing that the groom is actually a handsome and kind man, happily agrees to marry him and hopes Azusa will find happiness as well. Thankfully for everyone at 765 Production, Azusa's chase photos have become a hit and the oil tycoon has paid for all of the damages caused by misunderstandings. 

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