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The Idolmaster (2011), S01E21: Like a Flower Blooming


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Thanks to a magazine interview by Yoshizawa with Chihaya over her past, the rumors about her have ended as she and the other idols prepare for the Idol Jam concert with Jupiter performing as well. However, Kuroi refuses to give up on destroying 765 Production, so he sabotages them by tricking their hair and makeup stylists into not coming and forcing the sound technician to not play their music and to lie to them saying their music files have been corrupted. Despite this, the Producer goes with the sound technician with a backup file, and the girls decide to do make up themselves while planning an impromptu session before Chihaya goes on stage. As Chihaya thanks her friends for caring about her, she asks them to let her sing her song a cappella. With the crowd praising her performance, the sound technician decides to not give in to Kuroi and to play her music. Tōma, who is also seen watching, later finds out that Kuroi had tried to sabotage Chihaya's performance, and proceeds to confront Kuroi. Having enough with Kuroi's dirty tactics and how he treats everyone as pawns, Jupiter decides to quit 961 Production. After the concert, Jupiter meets the Producer with Tōma apologizing for his past behavior and tells him that they've quit 961 Production. To celebrate, Junjirō takes everyone out to a restaurant. At the restaurant, much to everyone's surprise, not only are Yoshizawa and Kuroi sitting at the bar, but Kotori is also seen singing to the customers, revealing she was once an idol under Junjirō and Kuroi. As Junjirō has a drink with Yoshizawa and Kuroi while talking about their past, Kuroi leaves. Yoshizawa and Junjirō comment that Kuroi is someone who can't express his feelings well. As everyone heads home, the girls comment on how wonderful Kotori's song was and wonder if she ever had her own dreams of continuing as an idol. Kotori tells the Producer and Ritsuko that she's simply happy just singing every once in a while and watching the others become top idols. 

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