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Saint Seiya: 1x3

Cygnus! Warrior of the Ice Field

In Siberia, a young man named Hyoga is visiting his deceased mother in a sunken ship at the bottom of a frozen sea. Then, after destroying an eternal ice wall, he earns the Bronze Cygnus Cloth. Hyoga heads to Japan to participate in the tournament, with the grand prize: the Gold Cloth for the winner. After Saori gives a presentation about the significance of the tournament, Cygnus Hyoga finally arrives. Hyoga’s opponent, Hydra Ichi, seems to have an advantage with his poisonous horns, coming from his fists and even knees, which keep regenerating like the Hydra’s heads, but they are useless. Thanks to Hyoga’s Cloth, the poison never penetrated his body. Ichi is defeated by Hyoga’s Diamond Dust. Who will be Hyoga’s next opponent, Pegasus Seiya or Dragon Shiryu?

Saint Seiya: 1×3
Saint Seiya: 1×3
Oct. 25, 1986
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